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Taycol 'Torpedo' and 'Meteor'
Weight: 12 oz

Dimensions: 2 5/8" x 1 5/8" x 2 1/2"

Input Power (6 to 12v): 1.9 to 2.25 amp at max power

Output: 6 to 15 MHP (milli-HP!)

Fuse at: 5 amp

Probably the best-selling Taycol, this medium-sized motor is suitable for about a 2 ft boat. As with the Target, this motor came in two versions - the 'Torpedo', with the usual one-way wiring, and the Meteor, which had the later 'extra-reverse' coil, selectable by a brass single-pole switch. Apart from that, both these motors are electrically the same.

You can see that the sheet iron core is much fatter than the Target/Asteroid motor, though it still uses the same commutator as the Target - so I would run this motor at the lower voltage range as well. Note also the paxolin field-coil bobbin - on the Torpedo it is only half-full, since there is no reversing coil on this motor. The Torpedo shown here has the central paxolin divider noted on the earlier Target.

At the bottom of the page both these motors have examples of their packing and display boxes on show. The earlier simple cardboard box of the Torpedo is more typical of the standard reserved 1950s Taycol marketing than the later, flasher display box of the Meteor!
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