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Taycol 'Target' and 'Asteroid'
Weight: 9 oz

Dimensions: 2 5/8" x 1 5/8" x 2 1/4"

Input Power (6 to 12v): 1 to 1.5 amp running free

Output: 3.5 to 8.5 MHP (milli-HP!)

Fuse at: 3 amps

The smallest of the classic Taycol Field wound motors. Recognisable by the comparatively thin sheet iron core. Though specified at 6v-12v, I would prefer to run this at 6v since it has a light commutator. It came in two versions - the 'Target', which had the usual one-way wiring, and the Asteroid, which had the later 'extra-reverse' coil, selectable by a brass single-pole switch. Apart from that, both these motors are the same.

Interestingly, the Target has two coils in the paxolin bobbin - both wound the same way, of course. The circuit goes 'coil1 - brushes - coil2'. There seems to be no reason for splitting the coil like this, and when the reverse coil was added the main coil just became one.

Below we have the Target on the left, and the Asteroid on the right. You can see they are essentially the same motor, with the diffences in the end-plate where the Asteroid has a brass strip single-pole switch. Note also the paxolin field-coil bobbin - on the Target it is only half-full, since there is no reversing coil.

An interesting variant is shown at the bottom of the page - a Target where the two field coils are separated with a central paxolin divider. Normally they are just wound one on top of the other. I suspect this is an early design which was dropped about the same time as the reversing coil was introduced...
A Target with coil dividers.
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