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Taycol Oddities - a series of musings on various Taycol-related matters or features of the Taycol motors which I don't understand.
I had never looked really closely at my Taycols before. When I did, one thing struck me - the fact that similar motors had quite different numbers of laminations. This was a surprise. We are not talking about a few variations here - NONE of the motors had the same number...

Let us consider the Target and Asteroid (TA) as similar motors, and the Torpedo and Meteor (TM) as another similar pair. Of the three TA motors I have, none have the same number of laminations or total width. The total lamination widths vary by small amounts, and are obviously aimed at a nominal 0.3", but this is made up with different gauge laminations - 11 in one case, 14 in another and 13 for the third. The TM motors I have are even more different - 33 in one case and 19 in another - both aimed at a nominal .6" width.

Why? Development over the years, or simply shortages of the right spec raw materials? Perhaps this is the explanation for the colour differences...?

It would be interesting to hear reports from other owners of their lamination count and colour. For the record, the motors I have are as below:

Motor Laminations Paint Colour Note
Target 13 plain twin coil
Target 11 plain aluminium-faced
Asteroid 14 blue
Torpedo 33 plain twin-coil
Meteor 19 red
Meteor 20 gold
Standard 27 plain
SuperMarine 35 black
SuperMarine 39 green
Double Special 34 red
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