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Taycol 'Double Special'
Weight: 35 oz

Dimensions: 4" x 5 1/8" x 2 3/8"

Input Power (12v): 5 amp

Output: 60 mhp (milli HP!)

Fuse at: 10 amp

The Double Special, together with the 'Standard' was one of the last motors produced by Taycol. Like the Standard, it was only available with a reversing coil, which was probably the reason for its 'Special' designation.

It can be diferentiated from the Supermarine, which also has two coils, by the angled edge of the sheet iron core, which has to stand out slightly from the motor to accomodate the huge coils. The Supermarine core, of 33 laminations like the Double, drops vertically downwards into its coils which are mostly positioned inside the body of the motor, unlike the Double, where more than half of the coil is outside.

Apart from that, the two motors share the same paxolin plates, the same spacers, brush fittings and armature (though the wire is of a different gauge). Taycol tried to use the same building blocks for much of their range - the Standard, Meteor and Target, for instance, use the same basic frame and only vary in length...
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