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The disassembled motor. You can see the ragged brushes...
Taycol Model Marine Electric Motors
Repairing the brushes on
a Taycol 'Double Special'
..and here is a sheet of new copper mesh...

I have been asked occasionally if spares are still available for these motors. The answer is no. When the company finally ceased trading the factory will have closed down, and the area where it was is now a residential estate..

However, Taycols were all made from simple raw materials, steel sheet, brass rod and paxolin, and it is quite possible to make a replica of any of the parts in a small shed with the minimum of tools.

As an example, here is Arthur Look's Double Special. A smart looking late version, but with poor brushes. These are, of course, the parts which will wear during normal use. Nothing daunted, he set to and made a new pair.

The pictures below are quite self-explanatory. The copper mesh used for the repair is 60-gauge, and can be bought quite cheaply here : The Mesh Company
The old brushes were unsoldered from their wires, and a corresponding bit of new mesh cut...
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Then the mesh is wrapped into a cylinder (with a hole down the middle for the guide rod) and soldered onto some new feed wires...
...and the final result looks just like new...
...and the final result looks just like new. Remember to lubricate them before running...
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