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This is the Taycol 'Gear Unit'.

It is obviously based on the shafts for the 'Geared Comet', with standard Taycol sideplates, spacers and mounts. Small electric motors ruin much more efficiently at high revs, so a unit like this is useful for a Star or Comet installation, but it is less necessary for the larger motors.

I have never seen this advertised, so I suspect it ceased being made in the early 1960s or late 1950s....
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Taycol was primarily an electric motor producing company, and never branched out into other aspects of marine modelling. Nevertheless, there are some items which are closely associated with motor installation, and which Taycol produced at some time during their existence. Taycol motors may still be found on sites like EBay, but these accessories were probably only made for a short time, and seem to be very rare. I have a few images below, but there may well have been other acessories made in limited runs. If you know of any, please get in touch!
This coupler is advertised as a 'Taycol Carden' in the brochure, and is suitable for the larger sizes of motor. It must have been fairly noisy, both as regards sound and metal-to-metal RF interference!
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