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Taycol Model Marine Electric Motors
This set of instructions seems to me to be a later set, possibly mid 1960s - 64 or 65. It does not cover the Asteroid/Torpedo, though it does mention the Target/Meteor. Note that, as usual, old artwork for the Marine is still used.

Of particular interest are the wording changes from the earlier instruction set. Apart from a minor sentence order change under the TEST section, these are:

     - the addition of a paragraph describing the adjustable brush pressure facility.
     - loosing the propellor advice to use " two broad blades rather than three narrow
     - The advised propellor details are now under each motor, and have changed -
       compare the details yourself..
    - advice on Fuses has been changed to provide less detail!
     - the odd 'balanced field coil' radio suppression claim has been dropped

These changes were almost certainly a result of customer feedback. Taycol did not spend a lot of money on advertising or instructions, and the same wording and images originally produced for the motors back in the 1950s is frequently used again and again in all their documentation.
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