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Taycol Model Marine Electric Motors
This is the earliest set of instructions that I have - they seem to me to be from the late 1950s, possibly early 1960s. They do not cover the Comet/Star (which presumably had seperate instructions, but do have the full early range. They use the old artwork for the Marine, even though that had probably ceased manufacture by then.

Points to note may be:

     - the use of wires rather than brass strip for jumpers.
     - the assumption that electric motors might be a novel item to many people!
     - the only diagram we have of an original Taycol 'Cardan' coupler.
     - the strange assertion that several motors featured a 'balanced split field coil to
        suppress interference'. As far as I know this is not technically possible.

The instructions are on a single large sheet of paper, printed to as to be able to be folded into a small 4.5" x 6" leaflet. This is why some images are upside down...
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